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  • Edge of Insanity 3-26-13

    Edge of Insanity 3-26-13

    Paul is back from his much needed sabbatical ( even God needs a rest once in awhile ) but he’s energized and ready to go, with his trusty partner in crime.. Kitten Marie by his side.. they want to kick it up a notch with the host & co-host of The Skullz Show … Old friends Mikey Skullz & Co-Host Moose ( I like to refer to them as Eminem = M-M ) True Ballers, these two… why they’re NOT […]

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  • Edge of Insanity 3-19-13

    Edge of Insanity 3-19-13

    While Paul’s away, the “Kitten” will play…on this episode of “the edge” host kitten Marie along with co host DJ Sandhu invite in-studio guests artist extraordinaire Brandon Hurley and Femme Fatale Comedian Katie Maranda. Comedy by George Carlin, Joe Rogan & Jimmy Fallon. music by Justin Timberlake, muse…& more. it’s time to: turn on, tune in and tune out

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  • Edge of Insanity 3-12-13

    Edge of Insanity 3-12-13

    Tonight’s guest rose to fame as a Gossip columnist and rock critic for the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano and, later, as Assistant Managing Editor for The Vatican Enquirer .. you may remember as the Special Correspondent on SNL’s Weekend Update Father Guido Sarducci. And if you Act now you get this: **On the Road with Dr Brian King, Presents: True Ballers. Brought to you by the Dynamic Duo Host Paul Brumbaugh Along with Trusty Sidekick, Kitten Marie

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  • Edge of Insanity 3-5-13

    Edge of Insanity 3-5-13

    Host Paul Brumbaugh, along with this weeks co-host Hector Rodriguez hangout in the Klubhouse with Holy City Zoo Alumni Kurt Wietzman. We talk about the Holy City Zoo, San Francisco Comedy over the years, plus current affairs. On The Road with Brian King….. Did someone say Donuts!

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  • Edge of Insanity 2-26-13

    Edge of Insanity 2-26-13

    On The Webisode of The Edge of Insanity Host Paul Brumbaugh and co-host Kitten Marie host In Studio Guest Musician, Comedian Aaron Barrett. Plus comedy From: Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Bobcat Goldthwait, Dennis Miller & Tony Sparks. Music from Aaron’s Band “Floating Goat” AC/DC & Billy Joel… Plus plenty of surprises along the way

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  • Edge of Insanity 2-19-13

    Edge of Insanity 2-19-13

    This One’s for The Girls…well, and the Boys who Love Them Girls! On The Webisode of the Edge, Host Paul Brumbaugh Along with this week’s Co-Host Melody Cantrell Are Joined By One of The Un-Usual Suspects Kitten Marie. This Weeks Guest: The Edge welcomes back Eloisa Bravo! Paul Surrounds himself with 3 Beautiful Girls, No Brian King in Sight… Life is great.

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  • Edge of Insanity 2-12-13

    Edge of Insanity 2-12-13

    On Tonight’s The Edge of Insanity on TradioV San Francisco. 8-9PM ( PST ) Host: Paul Brumbaugh along with this weeks Co-Host: Hector Rodriguez are joined in the Klubhouse by Artists Nina Gibbs & Jason Sauer. We talk to them about: The Most Wanted Gallery, Art Cars & The 48Hour Film Festival. Plus music from Gavin DeGraw, Van Morrison & Steely Dan. Comedy From our friends Lisa Landry, Stroy Moyd, Tom Rhodes & Brian King. So Join Us for Mardi […]

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  • Edge of Insanity 2-6-13

    Edge of Insanity 2-6-13

    Paul Brumbaugh & This Weeks Co-Host: Kitten Marie invite Local Comedian Keith D’ souza to the New Klubhouse. Keith is an old friend of ours and a really wild & crazy guy. On The Road with Dr. Brian Kings Interview of Signer/Song writer Tara Tinsley.. Plus we are going to play her video “We Don’t Know”. Plus comedy from our comedy friends: Bombo Belford, Andrew Holmgren, Bob Lieberman & Susan Maletta. Music by The Ramones, Akon & more. So tune […]

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  • Edge of Insanity 1-29-13

    Edge of Insanity 1-29-13

    Host: Paul Brumbaugh invites back tonights guest Co-Host Monika Thomas from Sexploration with Monika. Partner in crime: Kitten Marie of course will be along for the ride. With On The Road with Dr Brian King in Shrieveport L.A ( for the Super Bowl…. Yeah of Cannibis!) as he visits “Gator & Friends” This show is going to be full of Comedy from W. Kamau Bell, Justin Scales, Emily Heller & Bombo Belford.. With music from Edwin Collins, Gnarls Barley & […]

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  • Edge of Insanity 1-22-13

    Edge of Insanity 1-22-13

    Host: Paul Brumbaugh & Cohost: Kitten Marie are joined in studio by Author of “From Consumer to Producer in 90 Days”, Darryl Wortham. Plus Dr Brian King’s “On The Road” Interview of Truvy Trollop. Comedy From: Louis C.K, Chris Rock & Sammy O’beid. Another great webisode of the Edge!

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