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  • Swirl 3-27-13

    Swirl 3-27-13

    It’s the Marriage Equality Special! The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in two marriage equality cases. Chris Stoll, Senior Staff Attorney for the National Center for Lesbian Rights joins us to give the skinny on what we can take away from the hearings. A couple of gay activists friends were actually there in Washington D.C.: Melanie Nathan of Gay USA shares historical photos and Stuart Gaffney of Marriage Equality USA offers his opinion on what happens […]

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  • Swirl 3-20-13

    Swirl 3-20-13

    On Swirl Radio live tonight: filmmaker Andy Abrahams Wilson discusses his new film “Alfredo’s Fire”, a documentary about an Italian gay man who set himself on fire in 1998 to protest the Vatican’s ban on gay sex. The Inclusionist/ Simma Lieberman co-hosts.

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  • Swirl 3-6-13

    Swirl 3-6-13

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  • Swirl 2-27-13

    Swirl 2-27-13

    Michelle and tonight’s co-host Mia Macy with all things LGBT- ABCD and everything in between.

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  • Swirl 2-20-13

    Swirl 2-20-13

    For our “Black History Month” show tonight: we are discussing coming out, HIV/AIDS, depression, and inclusion issues that affect the Black Gay community. Antoine Craigwell producer of bookDBGM2010 (Depressed Black Gay Men) and “You’re not Alone,” documentary joins us. Shar Rednour of Love, Life, and Sex co-hosts.

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  • Swirl 2-13-13

    Swirl 2-13-13

    Swirl speaks with Hudson Taylor, record breaking college wrestler turned founder of Athlete Ally on combatting homophobia in sports. Mia Macy answers Transgender questions for Valentine’s day. Michelle Meow has been a very bad butch in the cat call.

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  • Swirl 2-6-13

    Swirl 2-6-13

    Michelle’s guests were director Machu Latorre of “Entry Denied”, a film focusing on the struggles of LGBT binational couples, Shar Rednour of “Love, Life, and Sex” with special guest Stephanie Rosenbaum, author of “The Astrology Cookbook”. Bondage, cake, and edible massage oil!

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  • Swirl 1-30-13

    Swirl 1-30-13

    We speak to Jamie McGonnigal of Truth About Equality about Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windmeyer’s open letter supporting Dan Cathy of Chik-Fil-A and why the LGBTQ community shouldn’t be so quick to support the food chain even though they have stopped donating to a couple anti-gay organizations. We also speak to Robin Silverman, author of “Lemon Reef” about queer teenager girls and falling in love for the first time. Simma the Inclusionist co-hosts and gives diversity expert advice for […]

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  • Swirl 1-23-13

    Swirl 1-23-13

    Filmmaker Johnny Simons was Michelle’s in-studio guest, as they discussed LGBT families and his documentary “Daddy and Papa”. DC of “Morning Detox” “fame” “answered” questions about heterosexual sex habits. Kinda.

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  • Swirl 1-16-13

    Swirl 1-16-13

    Michelle and in-studio guests Simma Lieberman and Shar Rednour discussed Jody Foster and her Golden Globes speech, and relationship talk with Shar’s partner, Jackie Strano.

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