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Friends without Benefits

Monday’s from 1 to 2 p.m.

Friends Without Benefits’ mission to help people with disabled children, veterans, and seniors citizens get benefits and understand what is available to them through different government and non-governmental agencies.

Tracey Ricard spent the early years of her life in the quaint town of Silver Bay, Minnesota, in a full house of eight, including 3 sister and 2 bothers.

Her father, a Purple Heart recipient who survived a missile attack in the Korean War, was a factory worker and also held side jobs to support the family. Tracey’s family is unique in that there were multiple generations with an undiagnosed genetic syndrome which later became known as Fragile X Syndrome. Tracey’s experience with her disabled relatives gave her the base knowledge to care for her daughter and others with similar conditions. Her family continued to deal with her father’s health issue’s due to complications from his war injuries.

Professionally, Tracey has pursued acting, was the owner of a gourmet kitchen store. She currently is a retail consultant with over the last 25 years, along with doing spokes person work for The Fragile-X foundation. She also works with the elderly as a personal aid.



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