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Historic Holes

“Historic Holes” features historic bars and saloons all across Northern California. Almost every city or town has a famous old watering hole and they all come with stories, drama and sometimes history-making events. Host Dennis Cruz digs deep into all the facts about each week’s location. Every week they will travel all over the state in search of the coolest “holes” out there. Along the way they will seek out an array of attractions, eating establishments and day side trip activities.




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Here’s Your Host: Dennis Cruz

Many people know that Radio Personality Dennis Cruz has a gift for gab. But did you know that DC is also an accomplished bartender and a closeted historian of Classic Pubs and Watering Holes…? DC Is a native San Franciscan and has personally patronized iconic public houses in the city. He has has traveled to countless countries and spilled beer in some of the world’s most famous (and infamous) pubs. Big Denny will dazzle you with tales of haunted taverns, earthquake damaged saloons, and watering holes that have killed its patrons - literally.

And “Bartender to the Stars”: Meredith Godfrey
Meredith Godfrey originally hails from the East Coast. Majoring in Theater yet never graduating, she moved west and into the beverage arts when eating became all important. When she mastered the cocktail she found herself the proud recipient of the SF Bay Guardian’s “Funniest Bartender in the Bay Area” award, launching herself into hall of fame status – their words, not ours.

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