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Fresh, genuine, authentic–how about that in the morning instead of coffee? Cecilia castelli Brings Positive news only, happy music and a burst of joy with a different vision of life.


Cecilia Castelli

An interest in public speaking, hosting, entertaining, and experiencing new cultures led Cecilia Castelli to her studies in journalism and media communication. Born in Argentina and raised in New York City, Cecilia wound up living and working in different countries to enhance her understanding of journalism and broadcasting. Her career in broadcasting communications began in 2003 when she launched her first radio program in Barcelona, Spain.  This was the beginning of a journey that eventually led her back to Argentina to create, produce, and host Radiostar, a show broadcast in English within the Spanish-speaking community. This program established her as a radio personality, which opened doors to hosting entertainment events and allowed her to get involved in other media-related productions: voice-over projects, product launches, and advertising campaigns.

Cecilia’s exposure during childhood to both Latin and North American cultures contributed significantly to her formation as a host and entertainer. She traveled extensively throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe, broadening her understanding of what is possible as a communicator.  Her fluency in three languages helped her to connect intimately with diverse populations. Cecilia delivers a product that is fresh and positive, a combination of good faith, healthy perspective, enlivening music, and a spiritual openness to all experience.  She adds energy, simplicity, and happiness to entertain us and keep us linked to a special place in our minds.



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    Love the Show !!!

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