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  • Morning Detox 3-26-13

    Morning Detox 3-26-13

    Technically, the most insanely perfect mix of special effects wizardry and comedic timing since the creation of Media. DC- on point. Meredith- even more so. Mini-Meredith and Bid on their game. Amazing. Watch and marvel.

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  • The Skullz Show 3-25-13

    The Skullz Show 3-25-13

    Tonight on The Skullz Show, Mikey and the crew played some videos, talked, laughed and played music. Mikey revealed his fear of prison love and Moose laughed so hard, he almost passed out. As usual, a rock n roll laced party on The Skullz Show!!

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  • The 420 Show 3-25-13

    The 420 Show 3-25-13

    Today’s show was one for the books. Dennis Peron, legendary godfather of Prop. 215, was today’s guest. Promoting his life and new book, “Memoirs of Dennis Peron How a gay hippy outlaw legalized marijuana in response to the AIDS crisis”. Also, Assemblyman Steve Katz, busted for possession of marijuana. A must watch show!

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  • Morning Detox 3-25-13

    Morning Detox 3-25-13

    Monday was “our happy bun day” (thanks, Spinal Tap), as we discussed the weekend, the movie “Olympus Has Fallen”, date expectations, Sodini’s in North Beach, lots of news, and wrapped with a harrowing baby elephant rescue. Nicely done.

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  • Speakeasily 3-21-13

    Speakeasily 3-21-13

    Speakeasily presents scintillating interviews with photographer/filmmaker/designer and curator of the Film Cult series at The Vortex Room JOE NIEM and Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend executive producer and Hubba Hubba Revue stage manager/co-producer COMRADE TANG!!

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  • Morning Detox 3-21-13

    Morning Detox 3-21-13

    It was a Thrilling Thursday as the Meredith Godfrey 21st Birthday Party Sale-ebration continued. Details of the awesome night were followed by a visit from Reality Show Expert, Dr. Rollie Moe, with insight to “Survivor”. Amazement, indeed.

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  • Frequenscene 3-21-13

    Frequenscene 3-21-13

    Skinny Hungry comes by the studio to talk about crack in the tenderloin and play some awesome full band songs.

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  • Swirl 3-20-13

    Swirl 3-20-13

    On Swirl Radio live tonight: filmmaker Andy Abrahams Wilson discusses his new film “Alfredo’s Fire”, a documentary about an Italian gay man who set himself on fire in 1998 to protest the Vatican’s ban on gay sex. The Inclusionist/ Simma Lieberman co-hosts.

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  • Morning Detox Pt 2 3-20-13

    Morning Detox Pt 2 3-20-13

    Birthday Detox, Part Deux. Same street, different address. All fun and games (until someone gets hurt). Oh, yeah, happy birthday HERE, too, Mere. For the last 20 minutes.

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  • Morning Detox Pt 1 3-20-13

    Morning Detox Pt 1 3-20-13

    Meredith’s Birthday! A celebration of a life. Amazing birthday wish after wish after wish. And a big thumbs up for a movie that’s a few years old- “The Fighter”. See it. Thanks. (oh, and happy birthday, Mere.)

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