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  • Edge of Insanity 3-19-13

    Edge of Insanity 3-19-13

    While Paul’s away, the “Kitten” will play…on this episode of “the edge” host kitten Marie along with co host DJ Sandhu invite in-studio guests artist extraordinaire Brandon Hurley and Femme Fatale Comedian Katie Maranda. Comedy by George Carlin, Joe Rogan & Jimmy Fallon. music by Justin Timberlake, muse…& more. it’s time to: turn on, tune in and tune out

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  • Real to Reel 3-19-13

    Real to Reel 3-19-13

    Join our Hosts as they discuss the recent box office release, Oz The Great and Powerful and the movies being released this week, Olympus Has Fallen, Admission and The Croods as well as last week’s The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. This week’s show focuses on movies, movies and more movies – watch Real to Reel for insight into films and filmmaking.

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  • Morning Detox 3-19-13

    Morning Detox 3-19-13

    It was a morning filled with MUNI talk, incredible (and not so) videos galore, and the hilarious audition scene from 1968′s “The Producers”. ‘Nuff said.

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  • The Skullz Show 3-18-13

    The Skullz Show 3-18-13

    Tonight on The Skullz Show, Mikey and the crew reviewed The Choptops show at Slims this past Friday. We also showed an epic video of a Christian Preacher doing an interesting job of getting on the same level as urban youth! We relived our best St.Patrick’s memories and Mikey and DJ Von Funkenstein almost fought each other on air! The Skullz Show also dove into the dark, sad world of real dolls and the men who have them. This show […]

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  • The 420 Show 3-18-13

    The 420 Show 3-18-13

    Today’s show was a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Why? Because we are still trying to figure out what we’re flippin doing. Since that is Donna’s job, let’s get to the meat of this show……to honor a S.F. original, who revolutionized radio for decades. Dr. Eugene (aka,Dr. Hip) Schoenfeld. Yes, the man, the myth, the legend. He was in the thick of the drug & love revolution. An honor….check him out…

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  • Friends Without Benefits 3-18-13

    Friends Without Benefits 3-18-13

    Friends without Benefits host Tracey Ricard had on Steve Lack, Fraud Investigator For Medicare, along with guest Angela Washington from The Simple Truth. They discussed individuals who are committing Medicare fraud and how to Protect yourself from becoming a victim.

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  • Morning Detox 3-18-13

    Morning Detox 3-18-13

    An All-Girl Monday (Meredith, Mini-Mere, Anna, newbie Danae, and DC) discuss the majestic regurgitating wonder that IS St. Patrick’s Day…appropriate date attire for the gals…the Zoo…and the difference between old movie trailers and newer ones (the verdict: new is better. See: “Fast and Furious SIX”!!!)

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  • Speakeasily 3-14-13

    Speakeasily 3-14-13

    Speakeasily takes you on a glamtastic voyage for its Sweet 16th Episode! Join New York City’s burlesque & pin-up queen Bettina May, SF’s divine diva Siren Saphire, and the timelessly beautiful Valentina Marie.

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  • Morning Detox 3-14-13

    Morning Detox 3-14-13

    Two words: Wow. (okay, that’s only one word. Counting was never a Detox strong suit…) But what a show, with more Dreamgirls, more odd news stories, more new Pope news, more Clyde McCoy (look him up!), more movie trailer reviews (“The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”? 8 thumbs up!)

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  • Frequenscene 3-13-13

    Frequenscene 3-13-13

    Jesus and the Rabbis play 3 songs as a full band and rock the studio walls. Plus there is some Billy Joel news. Tune in!

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