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  • Anime Superstar 11-8-12

    Anime Superstar 11-8-12

    Tonight is our season finale! Tune in for anime movies, video game fun and more! We give our thank you’s and look forward to next season!         Highlights: Jarrell Hall has read every single Twilight book but Kristen Stewart bugs the sh*t out of him!! Video streaming by Ustream

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  • Lost in Transition 11-8-12

    Lost in Transition 11-8-12

    Cecilia and Tiffany look at the best and worst neighborhoods for newcomers interested in moving to San Francisco.

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  • Morning Detox 11-8-12

    Morning Detox was like a Michael Bey action-thriller, as Lucky the Crab went on the lam from the Po-Po.  You can run, but you can’t hide, Lil’ Crustacean, ’cause the Man gon’ bring your shell-covered ass down!  Plus we watched an extremely gay He-Man (of ‘Masters of the Universe” fame)  in a simply fierce music video.           Highlights: Video streaming by Ustream

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  • Frequenscene 11-7-12

    Frequenscene 11-7-12

    In the first show, we introduced the show, hosts and what to expect on future shows! Kingsborough performed three songs off their upcoming album. The show was closed with upcoming S.F. shows and music news.       Highlights:   KINGSBOROUGH performs in studio. Video streaming by Ustream

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  • Comedy Round Table 11-8-12

    Comedy Round Table 11-8-12

    Join Mike K, Yuri Kagan and Colleen Watson as they talk about life, comedy and the end of the election.

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  • Swirl Radio 11-7-12

    Swirl Radio 11-7-12

    Swirl’s special election coverage with Simma the Inclusionist, Kiyomi McClosky, lead singer of Hunter Valentine joins us to talk about her new album “Collide and Conquer”, lesbian comedian Carrie Avritt on political jokes.

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  • Lost in Transition 11-7-12

    Lost in Transition 11-7-12

    Ceci shows her love for newly re-elected President Barack Obama and chats with an old friend from LA. Yay for four more years!

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  • Morning Detox 11-7-12

    Morning Detox 11-7-12

    Ever proud to be Americans, the Detoxers relived last night’s election process. D.C. explained the Electoral College through a series of pie charts and graphs while Meredith informed the public that pregnancy sticks aren’t just for scared women anymore. Gentlemen, you can find out if you’ve got nut cancer, so pee on a stick today!!!

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  • Real to Reel 11-16-12

    Real to Reel 11-16-12

    Join our hosts as they discuss the upcoming release of the newest James Bond film, “SkyFall”. Also, a special guest, a phone interview with legendary actress Connie Stevens.

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  • Edge of Insanity 11-5-12

    Edge of Insanity 11-5-12

    Host Paul Brumbaugh, co-host Don Lacy, unusual suspects Kitten Marie. It’s all about Election 2012. We lampoon everything from the election to the issues. Kitten’s Korner interview of Chaz Hawkins, Dean Delray and Ian Edwards. Don Lacy “Sexphobias” clip. Paul at San Francisco Punchline. Plus your normal dose of sex, medical cannabis, and rock ‘n roll… with a shot of politics mixed in. This show is NSFI (not safe for the Internet). So join the insanity!

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