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YES PAYBACK! And NO – It’s not an Italian thing or a drunk Mel Gibson movie.

TradioV believes that we should “pay back” the good fortune.

While most commercial broadcasters only “PAY BACK” their venture capitalists, investment bankers, and top executives, TradioV is determined to take a slightly different approach to PAYBACK…

Each TradioV Affiliate Station will post a list of preferred charities and all around good causes.

If you run a non-profit, please feel free to contact us for a little PAYBACK – TradioV Style.

We would be pleased to support you by broadcasting Public Service Announcements, and promote your good cause in a way that generates favorable attention and positive awareness.

If you are a TradioV fan, please donate to these fine charities just like you were voting in a Chicago Election…”early and often”

Currently, TradioV-San Francisco supports: