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TradioV (pronounced “TRAAHDEEUFF” if you’re Russian, “TEE-radio-VEE” for everyone else) is a pioneering media venture founded by former investigative reporter and talk show host, Mike Zinna. It combines Radio, TV, and Social Media, into one highly effective interactive media experience.

TradioV’s line-up is mostly comprised of feature and reality programming, with a healthy dose of news, politics, and social commentary. TradioV is not an objective broadcaster. We are biased against objectivity. We require every show host and every guest appearing in our line-up to adopt a position, and openly advocate for their beliefs. TradioV stands for The First Amendment and Free Speech. And to prove it, many of TradioV’s programs are completely at odds with each other – which in our opinion, is the correct way to run a broadcast operation. Claiming to be objective, while you do backroom deals with sponsors and politicians is little more than organized crime, with an FCC License to steal from your fans.

TradioV is the only broadcaster that delivers authenticity at every level, and at all costs. Our goal is to reflect society, in a raw, unvarnished, and occasionally unruly way. And yet, sometimes it’s just mindless and funny. This is the world we live in. And this type of openness in our presentation makes us proud.

In today’s fragmented media world, most broadcast networks attempt to cater to a specific niche demographic. In this respect, TradioV is no different – except that we take a highly scientific approach to identifying, capturing, and retaining our fans. Our highly trained software engineers (all poached from Google, Apple, and Facebook A.A. Meetings) have formulated secret algorithms that instantaneously direct our broadcast signal to a specific demographic certified by Price-Waterhouse-Mini Coopers. Every single fan of TradioV is guaranteed to fall within all of the following categories: Possess at least one non-legally blind eye, one non-legally deaf ear, a brain that functions marginally beyond commanding involuntary bodily functions, and at least one finger or toe.

This unique combination of physical attributes allows TradioV’s target audience to perform truly remarkable feats: Our fans hear and see exactly what they want, magically think for themselves, and then, amazingly, click a mouse and buy stuff from our sponsors. It’s pure genius. Yet, it even gets better. If a TradioV fan decides that he, she, or it, doesn’t enjoy the program that we broadcast, we encourage our fans to do something so remarkable, that no other broadcaster has ever stated this position in public.

We encourage our fans to… “watch something else.”

Yes, this is a truly amazing age we live in when we only require our fans to be, uhm, fans, not lemmings who mindlessly swallow the same regurgitated drivel delivered to them by gluttonous media conglomerates day after mind-numbing day. TradioV actually expects our fans to do the unthinkable – think.

However, because we do take some pride in our programming, we’ve hired a team of ex-NASA Engineers (we got them cheap because of government cut-backs), who are spearheading the development of TradioV’s highly-advanced Quality Control technology. Our engineers have devised a decoding device that is inserted into our broadcast signal, which manipulates the data at a sub-atomic level, and filters out all the intellectual impurities, insuring that every program viewed on TradioV, is not sewage.

(*DISCLAIMER – This “ABOUT” statement is subject to change, largely based on the whimsical paranoia of unstable people.)

TradioV – It’s Radio in TV.