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Edge of Insanity

Brumbaugh’s humor and unique perspective on the local comedy scene along with a variety of interesting guests will keep you on the edge of  your seat wondering where he may go next. Stay tuned to keep your finger on the pulse of what people are already calling a road map to the entertainment world in The City!

Host: Paul Brumbaugh

Paul Brumbaugh is a single father with 4 teenage childeren.  It’s no wonder taht he’s having a mid-life crisis that revolves around comedy. Paul tackles all subjects relating to his life -  being a single parents, his Ex- Wife, his parents, the girlfriend- as well as topics in the news.  He will give you his take on everything from immigration laws to No Toys in your Happy Meals! Paul says what everyone is thinking but is no afraid to say out load. Check out his unfiltered view of the crazy world we live in today as you watch his life unravel in front of your eyes.



  1. Kitten Marie says:

    Hi Guys! Check out the show tonight! Watch Paul’s shenanigans and stay tuned for Kitten’s Korner – tonight we have a video interview with Chris Kattan! The Edge of Insanity 8-9 tonight!!

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